I have to thank my uncle for my start in photography. I used to work with him during the summers when I stayed with my grandmother. I started shooting on a Sony Mavica digital camera that he owned; it was one of the "top of the line" point-and-shoots at the time. It was very high-tech; it used good ole-fashioned floppy disks! I would shoot just about anything; I learned quite a bit from that little 1.8 MP camera.

Many years later, when I started college, I purchased a film Canon Rebel XT. That camera gave me a little more experience and then I purchased another point-and-shoot a couple years later that helped me find my style. However, it wasn't until I was able to purchase my first DSLR that I was able to hone in my hobby. That camera was a Canon 30D that I purchased from a friend. I started shooting photographs that I never thought that I would. I always impressed myself as I saw my photography grow.

Now, I shoot with a Canon 7D which was purchased from the same friend. I'm amazed at what I shoot sometimes. I always like to have a little fun and try to get as creative as I can when I shoot.
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